Chapter 1 : Login Into the Console

The user must be logged in to access the Skylark API Console. Console provides a minimalist Login interface from which the end user can enter and start creating new projects.

Getting Started

Chapter 2 : Creating New Project

User can easily get started by creating a new project by adding a Title and Description for the same. Once created, Skylark API Services can be enabled and user can create API Keys.

Chapter 3 : Enabling Services for the Project

To enter the dashboard, the user can chose one of the existing projects or “Create New Project”. This is how the dashboard looks for the first time.

Initially the project won’t have any services enabled, and services can be accessed from the left sidebar.

The Enable button enables a particular service for that project and Disable button appears. Once Enabled the user can disable the service too by clicking the Disable button on the same screen.

Chapter 4 : Project Overview Screen

User can checkout the enabled services for the selected project and the usage patterns for each of the enabled API Service. The user will be billed according to this usage which can easily be monitored.

Chapter 5 : Daily and Monthly Usage Tracking

The Usage Tracking is divided into three categories, viz. Image Requests , Video Requests and WebSocket Requests for a better and intuitive tracking for the API Services.

User can track Daily usage for each API by selecting a particular date from the Date Selector.

User can track Monthly usage for each API by selecting a particular month from the Month Selector.

Chapter 6 : Credentials

For a Project, user can generate multiple API Keys, which will be used to authenticate the Service requests. By clicking the Create New API Key button, user can generate a new API Key.

Once API Key is created, the user can edit the name of the key by clicking the editable Name Cell.

User can also delete API Keys by clicking the Delete button from the action column in the API Keys table.

Chapter 7 : Settings

User can checkout the project settings by choosing the Settings menu from the left sidebar. This displays the project description and the Number of services enabled and API Keys currently generated for that project.

The User can also Delete a project from the very same section.

Chapter 8 : Deleting a Project

User can delete a project by clicking “Delete Project” button. Once clicked, user will be prompted to type in the project name to confirm and initiate the process of deletion.